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THIS IS ROCK MUSIC! Conkrete God takes the stage like primordial titans. Mythology tells us that before all there was Chaos and out of the chaos came Night.  The Night was nothing but silence and empty perpetual darkness.  Magically Love was born.  It is out of silence that Conkrete God brings love to drive away the silence and darkness. Hard and heavy, Atlanta-based ConKrete God pulls no punches. This music is 100% Conkrete AF! Their influences range the musical spectrum from Bad Brains to Van Halen to 24-7 Spyz to Mothers Finest.
Coming from very different musical backgrounds, they combine the heart (melodic) with the rock (heavy guitar riffs), not to mention thoughtful lyrics that push the boundaries of rock music beyond the glory days and into the 21st century with a unique style and sound of their own.
In the face of computer-programmed, disposable music, rock music still has a lot to say. --Conkrete God CKG4L

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