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Conkrete God and their unique sound make a significant impression with their music. Their songs contain a maturity and contemporary creativity that exudes confidence and originality. Indeed, these four tunes capture many of the hallmarks of Conkrete God’s music. Corey describes, “It is modern rock – we don’t recycle tired rock clichés. We take that base of rock and roll from the 70s and 80s and bring it up to date. We have to be relevant musically. We also have to be relevant lyrically. When we have something to say, we are going to say it in our music. That is what makes us who we are.” To which Denitra adds “And, of course, it has to be crushing.””


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With the power of a tank and the precision of a sniper CG combines insane vocals, face melting guitar solos, and moving rhythms that melt your face and your heart. If you’re in Atlanta and haven’t seen them you should definitely catch a show soon! Follow them on IG at @conkretegod, and listen to their music on this year’s God Mix at!”


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“I’ve been to a few Conkrete God shows, and it never ceases to amaze me how they perform each song with such passion and enthusiasm, just as if it were the first time they were playing it live.”“When one thinks of a typical rock band one doesn’t expect one melanin infused and with a Black woman on vocals but Conkrete God is anything but typical. The band members sight influences that range the musical spectrum from Van Halen, to 24-7 Spyz to Mother’s Finest.”

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